Friday, June 15, 2012

The art of argumentative essays

          These are essay types that give information about a certain subject or areas of study. Their main purpose is to present information that is both sided, that is, to provide the pros and cons of a particular subject. It makes the reader to side with the favored side of the writer.  Argumentative essay concentrates on winning the reader to their side of story. It lets a person write about something with primary objective of making the reader change his or her mind about something when it comes to choosing the topics of argumentative essay, it’s not easy since the topic should always be narrowed down.
            They should not be long and they should point straight to the point. The topic itself should contain some element of arguments in it, to make it easy for the person going to write it down. On the other case, the topic chosen should provide a chance such that it can be well supported, following a specific or outlined organization style. Argumentative essay usually call for extensive and wide research which must be followed according to the set rules and regulations. When writing these essays, each paragraph must be limited to one idea and it should be discussed in lengthy.
            The writer must provide information which is well structured and most of all accurate.  Argumentative essay cannot be applied to any topic since as discussed earlier the topics need to be very specific and have some elements of argument. The art of argumentative essay must clearly show the defined structures of an argumentative essay.