Monday, December 24, 2012

End of the World survival guide

          I am not a prophet or a prophet’s son or anybody close to that, but I have been keen to notice that there is a theory that the world is going to end by the close of 2012. I don't know how factual that is, but as a person that has been involved in the media for quite a while I knew somehow that it could be nothing more than hearsay and innuendo.
 As a person that has known how to maneuver his way around issues I know that there are people who have believed that and they are doing all they can to prepare for the same. If I was to assume that they were right there are so many things that I could have probably done to prepare for the same, like I am sure some people are preparing for that day. They are most probably making peace with their neighbors and clearing debts among other things that they can do to prepare for that day. The mischievous ones are doing random things like having fun for the last periods.
Of course the definition of fun differs from person to person, but I hope you get the point that I am attempting to drive across. If I was to be among those who believe that the world is going to end soon I could have done weirder things, much more than you can ever imagine, just in a bid to survive and such like things. Nonetheless I am happy as things stand.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ways to Track your Money in College

        One of the biggest snags that always face students when they get to campus is the issue of drawing budgets and following the same thereof to the latter. This is more so for the case of students who have grown up in well-to-do families and they have never known poverty. When such students get to college and they have to do things on their own there is always bound to be a problem of sorts, if we are reading from the same script.
            It is thus imperative that all students learn of skills that they can employ in order to track their money in college so that they are not caught off-guard in any way. As already mentioned the best way that can be employed by a student and indeed anybody in general to monitor his or her money is to make a budget. It is something that is always taken for granted and many students always love to think that it is trivial but I would like to suggest that it is not.
            Another thing that students can use to track their money in college is by investing the money into meaningful ventures that can help in re-availing the money and indeed keeping the same for a sunny day. The moral of the story is that everyone needs to be focused and purposeful in heart when it comes to his or her money. Discipline is thus very crucial because it ensures that a person can actually track his money without any external pressure to do so.