Thursday, March 28, 2013

Keep an Academic Portfolio

Students have big college dreams, which they begin to prepare for earlier on in their academic life while they are still in grade school or high school. Their parents also come into play to ensure that their children’s academic future is on track when they enroll them for extracurricular activities such as ballet classes and sports. They want their children to apply and get accepted to various Ivy League universities. The parents and students also understand that Rome wasn't built in a day.  They need to put in a lot of effort to ensure that they successfully apply, and get accepted to the college they desire. This leads them to develop a portfolio of most of their achievements, which they have earned over the years both academically and socially. The portfolio is a collection of relevant documents that act as a record to portray their achievements.
Most schools prefer to have their potential students provide them with a portfolio. This is because it helps them to determine if the students’ academic needs can be met by the school’s academic and social programs. The academic advisers can offer the students the best course options they can undertake based on their portfolios. It also helps the colleges to determine if the students’ can be a valuable addition to their school through the various sports and extracurricular activities that they have talents in. This is why some colleges send out coaches to scout for unique students who can join their sporting teams. The portfolio also helps the colleges to determine the eligibility of students in getting scholarships. One must admit that getting scholarships is beneficial to both the parents and students. This is because it will lighten the financial burden that parents carry in order to see their children receive the best education college has to offer. 
The portfolios also help universities and special schools arrange and prepare adequately for students with disabilities. They are able to implement plans such as construction of ramps, and other forms of transport access to simplify the movement of students with disabilities. This also makes the students feel comfortable because they feel that their needs are being taken care of by the universities. This eventually helps them to get acquainted to their surroundings faster. They are able to concentrate on their academics effectively with minimal fear of stigmatization from their fellow peers. Students should ensure that they have a portfolio that brings out their best qualities, in order to be accorded the best opportunities academically, and socially that life has to offer.