Thursday, July 11, 2013

Writing a formal resignation letter

When you are fed with a job it helps quitting and doing so in style. A formalized exit plan is most essential because you never know you might need the same supervisor or the bossy employer as you climb up the corporate ladder. Writing a formal resignation letter is the best way to make you exodus. It has a universal format. You start off with the date of when you are writing your letter. Then proceed to write the formal addresses of your recipient. You make sure that their position in the companies stands out. You could start with Mr. or Mrs. (name) because you already know them in person then write their position. For instance, Managing Director or Assistant Housekeeper.

Address your recipient as dear (sir or madam) well below their address. The main body of your resignation letter should tell the recipient the intention to resign from your position. Remember to mention the date they should expect you out but guided by the responsibilities you hold and the terms of contract you signed. Thank the recipient in the closing remarks for giving you an opportunity to work and train with them. Finish with yours sincerely with your signature and your valid names.