Monday, December 24, 2012

End of the World survival guide

          I am not a prophet or a prophet’s son or anybody close to that, but I have been keen to notice that there is a theory that the world is going to end by the close of 2012. I don't know how factual that is, but as a person that has been involved in the media for quite a while I knew somehow that it could be nothing more than hearsay and innuendo.
 As a person that has known how to maneuver his way around issues I know that there are people who have believed that and they are doing all they can to prepare for the same. If I was to assume that they were right there are so many things that I could have probably done to prepare for the same, like I am sure some people are preparing for that day. They are most probably making peace with their neighbors and clearing debts among other things that they can do to prepare for that day. The mischievous ones are doing random things like having fun for the last periods.
Of course the definition of fun differs from person to person, but I hope you get the point that I am attempting to drive across. If I was to be among those who believe that the world is going to end soon I could have done weirder things, much more than you can ever imagine, just in a bid to survive and such like things. Nonetheless I am happy as things stand.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ways to Track your Money in College

        One of the biggest snags that always face students when they get to campus is the issue of drawing budgets and following the same thereof to the latter. This is more so for the case of students who have grown up in well-to-do families and they have never known poverty. When such students get to college and they have to do things on their own there is always bound to be a problem of sorts, if we are reading from the same script.
            It is thus imperative that all students learn of skills that they can employ in order to track their money in college so that they are not caught off-guard in any way. As already mentioned the best way that can be employed by a student and indeed anybody in general to monitor his or her money is to make a budget. It is something that is always taken for granted and many students always love to think that it is trivial but I would like to suggest that it is not.
            Another thing that students can use to track their money in college is by investing the money into meaningful ventures that can help in re-availing the money and indeed keeping the same for a sunny day. The moral of the story is that everyone needs to be focused and purposeful in heart when it comes to his or her money. Discipline is thus very crucial because it ensures that a person can actually track his money without any external pressure to do so. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

College Parties

            I graduated from campus just two months ago but I must admit that I am missing it so badly already. I miss college so much so that sometimes I always find myself heading back to college over the weekends to hang out with a few of my friends who are still in campus. I know many chaps may find that strange but I would like to think that it is not strange at all, if you consider where I am coming from.
            I am the type of girl who likes partying like you cannot imagine and nothing else but that. When I was in college I can’t remember any Friday evening where I stayed around in the college premises. I was always out clubbing the whole night long and to me that was the best lifestyle I could identify with. If you haven’t noted that already, the main reason that makes me miss campus is the issue of the parties. The parties were just too good and too nice to be left aside for any other thing.
            The most interesting thing about college parties is that anybody could choose a theme for a party and it could turn out to be a grand party, the anonymity of the party’s theme notwithstanding. Apart from the normal themes like birthday parties, end-of-year parties, engagement parties and so on, there were always other themes that bore no names like ‘lack-of-name’ parties, laughter parties and such like things. The themes were just very interesting, and I must admit that that is something I will always miss from my college life. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

To vote or not to vote...

         There are many things that make college life worthwhile, but none more so than the issue of voting. Somebody once said that everybody’s mind is a political mind; the only difference is the extent of the political nature in the person’s mind, if you know what I mean. In realistic terms the point I am trying to put across is that politics, voting and all that kind of malarkey is something that really evokes a lot of interest in the lives of students in campus.

From my experience in campus I know somehow that sometimes life is often so difficult in the classroom sector that students always welcome any form of distraction in their academic lives, even if that means focusing on the students politics that is always quite as vibrant as the mainstream state politics. The political period is always charged, so much so that it becomes very difficult for the process to go on without a proper set of rules or guidelines.

Needless to say it is important that the rules set are obeyed because in real sense what is the point in having the voting guide if it will not be followed by the people meant to follow it. Many times discipline issues arise when it comes to the political period but I would love to think that that should never be the case, if we are reading from the same page. The rules are to be followed and students should help to foster peace with their wisdom or lack of it thereof. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Creative writing tips

For a writer to remarkably present their unique point of view to the audience – through their essay – they must be very creative. Creative writing of essays is all about presenting uniqueness, in essay paragraphs, with a story or something that will expand the writer’s creativity. Here are important tips on creative writing of essays.

Firstly, decide what you want your essay to be about. In other words, choose a point of view that seem interesting to you. It could be anything. Like say how you like coffee to the First World War. Ensure however to have a purpose for your writing. Make points all through your paper.

Present your point in a thought-provoking way. Intriguing the readers mind should be your ultimate goal. And nothing is more intriguing than writing using a literary element. For instance, you could write a story using a metaphor. By doing so, you will intrigue the reader. If not demonstrate your creativity.

Let your essay have an outline. If an essay, irrespective of its nature, lacks a formidable structure; it practically lacks a proper plan as well. For you to suitably unravel a story within an essay you must plan what information will go where and at what point you will present it.

Write with your audience in mind. Creative essays are all about showing – the reader – your point of view through less obvious means. To effectively court the reader’s attention, create a thought-provoking opening sentence in your essay. Let your introduction be more intriguing.

Make certain to summarize your essay. You could either come up with a paragraph or a few pages to achieve this end. After showing the reader the creative reasoning behind your point of view, formulating a catchy conclusion is necessary for an outstanding finality. Suffice to say, creatively sum up your perspectives.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Discover the Secrets of your College Admission Essay!

For a busy admissions officer to accept you, your college admission essay must be of the highest quality. It must stand out like a sore thumb. But that is not all. It must also demonstrate your grasp of excellent grammar and ability to write lucid and structured prose. In other words, paint a vivid picture of your character and personality in your admission essay.

So what exactly are the secrets to writing an outstanding admission essay? Firstly, write using your own voice. And avoid using big and unnecessary words while at it. For your essay to compel an admissions officer to accept you, avoid distracting words. Just be natural.

Be interesting.  Otherwise you stand no chance to impress the admissions officer, who – in most cases – has thousands of essays to skim through. Start your essay with a thought-provoking sentence. Grip the reader’s mind. Court their attention. And ensure to sound intriguing.

Use personal details. Remarkable admission essays should be grounded in personal detail since they are supposed to sound concrete. Your essay should not emphasize much on what you want to say. But rather, relate to a personal quality. Use your experiences to make this possible.

In other words, let your words create a vivid image of something that actually happened. Place the reader in your experiences to easily convince them of what you really want them to see. While at it, desist from being vague with your sentences lest you compromise your essay.

Avoid wordiness. To save on valuable space, shun from using unnecessary words when writing. Wordiness confuses not only the reader, but also dilutes all the important points that you might have aptly conveyed within the paper. Keep your words pithy and straight to the point. Brief words are more forceful in nature, if not direct. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Women education is important! Why, you ask?

Education is described as the process of gaining knowledge in a consistent and gradual manner in order to be informed on various ways of communicating, reasoning and making decisions in different aspects of life. It leads to intellectual growth and maturity. Since the beginning of time, women have always been considered the weaker of the two sexes. Women were discouraged from pursuing higher education because it was considered to be un-wise culturally. Their roles were defined and confined to being in the kitchen, taking care of their families and other traditional domestic skills such as sewing. They were also involved in various farming activities in their ranches like gathering fruits. It’s estimated that about two-thirds of the world’s illiterate population are women.
Over the years since the beginning of the 19th century, various international agreements have been passed in order for women to gain equal rights to men especially in education. Women also develop personal ambitions in various aspects of their lives such as having their own businesses. The revenues and profits made from the businesses also leads to the contribution of national development, growth of the economy and eradication of poverty through taxation. Money collected by the government is used to improve the country’s infrastructure and provide restoration to areas affected by natural disasters for example during the devastating tornado called “Hurricane Katrina” that destroyed properties in Atlanta.
Women have, for a long time, been perceived as being leaders in their own homes, since they ensure that their families receive basic necessities such as food and clothing. They also ensure that there is peace and they resolve conflicts between family members such as sibling rivalry, therefore promoting cohesiveness and positive communication between them. Education therefore can propel women to be leaders in political institutions, where they make decisions and policies thus making the institutions represent both genders and performance improves significantly. For example Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has been involved in the political limelight for over eighteen years.           
Education has also instilled in women the need to take care of their health and that of their families especially the children. They tend to gain knowledge on family planning and therefore reduce the rate of unwanted pregnancies.
Gender issues have been receiving more attention. International organizations such as the United Nations and other non-governmental organizations are addressing policy and law changes that bias one gender over another. They provide support for capacity building among women, which leads to achievement of shared goals and objectives that foster national unity.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to Create Your Electronic Portfolio

               Electronic portfolios create avenues for teachers, students and institutions to interact without having to use newspapers, letters and announcements. They afford students the opportunity to showcase their talents, knowledge and abilities using the latest technology. This is because electronic portfolios are able to support multimedia. Students can put their information in the form of videos, images, sounds and other recordings. These portfolios are able to attract potential employers, schools and sponsors. The portfolios are also edited with ease providing an opportunity for the user to update information regarding their portfolio anytime and anywhere.

            The creation of an electronic portfolio first requires a computer that is able to handle multimedia work. Accessing your universities portfolio should be the next step since most provide a space or framework for students to create a personal portfolio. An option to the university portfolio, one can also use a recommendable job search service since they also offer electronic portfolio services. In most cases the page has an insert here instruction field. Ensure that you fill in the information in the correct places as directed. The creation of a template is usually the first step followed by inserting your graphics and videos in the correct sections.
            Text boxes should be created and attached to the next card in the portfolio. All the necessary and important details should be entered, followed by a thorough revision of the portfolio. Ensure you go through the portfolio for any mistakes made in spelling or inserting information in the wrong slot. The texts should use appropriate size and font while the images need to be of the best quality. This is because some employers gauge your ability of using technology and computers by the presentation of your electronic portfolio. Therefore it is best if you not only create a portfolio, but a prefect portfolio. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Writing Application College Essay

Applying to college is always every young man’s dream - ceteris paribus the young man has the ability to think straight and set goals in life. To get to college, especially the college of choice requires a special input from the student-to-be. There are number of ways in which the youth can interact with the college before he is formally accepted as a student in the institution, and as a matter of fact he needs to give his all in all those encounters. He could interact with the college administrators through an interview, curriculum vitae or an application essay among other avenues. As much as the CV and interview are equally important, the place of insistence should actually be the application essay.
            This is because this is the place where the student can really say who he is and show the college administrators why he needs to be in the institution and why it will be the biggest error in history if he is not admitted there because of what the college would miss. Of course the words used should be different, but the fact remains that the student needs to make his presence felt in the 700 or so words he will be given to write in. While writing the essay, care should be taken that the essay isn’t converted into a list of achievements. As much as naming a few doesn’t break a bone, it is wrong to list all of them. It makes the student appear creepy and proud in a way.
            The essay should also reveal your personality and how sensitive you are to your community. College administrators love this because it shows that you are an all rounded individual. A touch of humor amidst all the seriousness employed in your essay is also not a bad idea as it casts you as a likeable person. Finally, your essay needs to be free from the common and indeed basic errors of punctuation and spelling. This is also paramount as it reveals that you really mean what you say and that you took your time to write the essay-which should be the case anyway.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Structure of an essay

          An essay has a simple structure that can be followed easily. Any essay consists of an introduction, body and conclusion. Each of these contents of the structure carries their own function.
  •             Introduction
            This is a very important part of the essay. It lures the reader into reading on to the rest of the content. This part therefore requires being interesting and witty. Here one should explain the topic of discussion. Complex vocabularies in the topic should also be explained. It is in this part that the reader is directed on what you will be writing about. This is by pointing out the topic or area that the essay will be addressing. A thesis statement can also feature in the introduction.
  •             Body
            The body is made of paragraphs. The number of paragraphs is determined by the length of the essay. Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence. The rest of the paragraph is meant to support the topic sentence. This is by explaining the evidence from research done on the topic sentence. The sentences however require to be connected. This is done by linking words such as: in light of this, hence, therefore.
  •              Conclusion
            The conclusion is the parting shot of the essay. The conclusion should not be very long. However, it requires having a summary of the issues. If there was a question that required an answer in the topic, it should be answered at this point. A general conclusion of your argument can also appear in the conclusion.

Friday, June 15, 2012

The art of argumentative essays

          These are essay types that give information about a certain subject or areas of study. Their main purpose is to present information that is both sided, that is, to provide the pros and cons of a particular subject. It makes the reader to side with the favored side of the writer.  Argumentative essay concentrates on winning the reader to their side of story. It lets a person write about something with primary objective of making the reader change his or her mind about something when it comes to choosing the topics of argumentative essay, it’s not easy since the topic should always be narrowed down.
            They should not be long and they should point straight to the point. The topic itself should contain some element of arguments in it, to make it easy for the person going to write it down. On the other case, the topic chosen should provide a chance such that it can be well supported, following a specific or outlined organization style. Argumentative essay usually call for extensive and wide research which must be followed according to the set rules and regulations. When writing these essays, each paragraph must be limited to one idea and it should be discussed in lengthy.
            The writer must provide information which is well structured and most of all accurate.  Argumentative essay cannot be applied to any topic since as discussed earlier the topics need to be very specific and have some elements of argument. The art of argumentative essay must clearly show the defined structures of an argumentative essay.