Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Discover the Secrets of your College Admission Essay!

For a busy admissions officer to accept you, your college admission essay must be of the highest quality. It must stand out like a sore thumb. But that is not all. It must also demonstrate your grasp of excellent grammar and ability to write lucid and structured prose. In other words, paint a vivid picture of your character and personality in your admission essay.

So what exactly are the secrets to writing an outstanding admission essay? Firstly, write using your own voice. And avoid using big and unnecessary words while at it. For your essay to compel an admissions officer to accept you, avoid distracting words. Just be natural.

Be interesting.  Otherwise you stand no chance to impress the admissions officer, who – in most cases – has thousands of essays to skim through. Start your essay with a thought-provoking sentence. Grip the reader’s mind. Court their attention. And ensure to sound intriguing.

Use personal details. Remarkable admission essays should be grounded in personal detail since they are supposed to sound concrete. Your essay should not emphasize much on what you want to say. But rather, relate to a personal quality. Use your experiences to make this possible.

In other words, let your words create a vivid image of something that actually happened. Place the reader in your experiences to easily convince them of what you really want them to see. While at it, desist from being vague with your sentences lest you compromise your essay.

Avoid wordiness. To save on valuable space, shun from using unnecessary words when writing. Wordiness confuses not only the reader, but also dilutes all the important points that you might have aptly conveyed within the paper. Keep your words pithy and straight to the point. Brief words are more forceful in nature, if not direct. 

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