Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to Create Your Electronic Portfolio

               Electronic portfolios create avenues for teachers, students and institutions to interact without having to use newspapers, letters and announcements. They afford students the opportunity to showcase their talents, knowledge and abilities using the latest technology. This is because electronic portfolios are able to support multimedia. Students can put their information in the form of videos, images, sounds and other recordings. These portfolios are able to attract potential employers, schools and sponsors. The portfolios are also edited with ease providing an opportunity for the user to update information regarding their portfolio anytime and anywhere.

            The creation of an electronic portfolio first requires a computer that is able to handle multimedia work. Accessing your universities portfolio should be the next step since most provide a space or framework for students to create a personal portfolio. An option to the university portfolio, one can also use a recommendable job search service since they also offer electronic portfolio services. In most cases the page has an insert here instruction field. Ensure that you fill in the information in the correct places as directed. The creation of a template is usually the first step followed by inserting your graphics and videos in the correct sections.
            Text boxes should be created and attached to the next card in the portfolio. All the necessary and important details should be entered, followed by a thorough revision of the portfolio. Ensure you go through the portfolio for any mistakes made in spelling or inserting information in the wrong slot. The texts should use appropriate size and font while the images need to be of the best quality. This is because some employers gauge your ability of using technology and computers by the presentation of your electronic portfolio. Therefore it is best if you not only create a portfolio, but a prefect portfolio. 

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