Monday, July 23, 2012

Writing Application College Essay

Applying to college is always every young man’s dream - ceteris paribus the young man has the ability to think straight and set goals in life. To get to college, especially the college of choice requires a special input from the student-to-be. There are number of ways in which the youth can interact with the college before he is formally accepted as a student in the institution, and as a matter of fact he needs to give his all in all those encounters. He could interact with the college administrators through an interview, curriculum vitae or an application essay among other avenues. As much as the CV and interview are equally important, the place of insistence should actually be the application essay.
            This is because this is the place where the student can really say who he is and show the college administrators why he needs to be in the institution and why it will be the biggest error in history if he is not admitted there because of what the college would miss. Of course the words used should be different, but the fact remains that the student needs to make his presence felt in the 700 or so words he will be given to write in. While writing the essay, care should be taken that the essay isn’t converted into a list of achievements. As much as naming a few doesn’t break a bone, it is wrong to list all of them. It makes the student appear creepy and proud in a way.
            The essay should also reveal your personality and how sensitive you are to your community. College administrators love this because it shows that you are an all rounded individual. A touch of humor amidst all the seriousness employed in your essay is also not a bad idea as it casts you as a likeable person. Finally, your essay needs to be free from the common and indeed basic errors of punctuation and spelling. This is also paramount as it reveals that you really mean what you say and that you took your time to write the essay-which should be the case anyway.


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