Wednesday, November 7, 2012

To vote or not to vote...

         There are many things that make college life worthwhile, but none more so than the issue of voting. Somebody once said that everybody’s mind is a political mind; the only difference is the extent of the political nature in the person’s mind, if you know what I mean. In realistic terms the point I am trying to put across is that politics, voting and all that kind of malarkey is something that really evokes a lot of interest in the lives of students in campus.

From my experience in campus I know somehow that sometimes life is often so difficult in the classroom sector that students always welcome any form of distraction in their academic lives, even if that means focusing on the students politics that is always quite as vibrant as the mainstream state politics. The political period is always charged, so much so that it becomes very difficult for the process to go on without a proper set of rules or guidelines.

Needless to say it is important that the rules set are obeyed because in real sense what is the point in having the voting guide if it will not be followed by the people meant to follow it. Many times discipline issues arise when it comes to the political period but I would love to think that that should never be the case, if we are reading from the same page. The rules are to be followed and students should help to foster peace with their wisdom or lack of it thereof. 

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