Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to Study for an Essay Test

Studying for academic examinations and tests can be quite frustrating for students. This is especially the case when they are having difficulty in understanding the unit they are studying properly. The students may spend hours trying to grasp what they are reading in fear that they may fail in their final grade. They even develop poor eating and sleeping habits as they try to absorb the academic information they need for their essay tests. They know that if they don’t make the grade cut, they will have to repeat the same unit again in the coming semester. This might work out well for some of the students, but for others it can be detrimental to their academic pursuance. It might lead them to develop panic attacks which can affect their health and their concentration on other important units.
 The students should ensure that they take measures to have control over their academics. When their lecturers tell them that they have a test to undertake, they should inquire from them the duration of the test. They should also ask them about the length of the questions, and the number of words which each question will require as an answer. This helps the students to organize themselves adequately. This is because they can carry out a mock exam by themselves in preparation for the main exam. This helps them to become comfortable with their study skills, and more confident about their academic abilities. The students can also lighten the burden of hurriedly studying for an academic essay through early preparation. Instead of procrastinating until the last minute to begin studying for the paper, they can study portions of the unit as they progress in the semester. They can re-read the topics which they have studied in class within the same week that the topic has been taught in class by the lecturer. This helps the students recognize the topics which they can easily understand and the ones which they can’t.
The students are able to plan their time accordingly when they are studying, by allocating more time to the topics that they don’t understand. Students can also use flash cards and mnemonic devices such as songs, poems, and others to grasp the information they require for their essays. Students should also remember that no man is an island, and they should ensure that they form study groups with other students. This is in order to share knowledge and having different aspects of the topic brought to light.

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